Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Alot has happened over the past month in our house. We had a nice 8 pm emergency appointment at the pedatricians because, Owen was gagging and choking uncontrollably for a few minutes sending Mom into a panic state. Turns out he has acid reflux so they gave us medicine for that. We found out he gained an ounce a day since the last time we were there just like real boys!  He is finally longer then the arm on his Vermont Teddy Bear. He loves his teddy bear.

 We also went to CHOP for our monthly appointment. We will be scheduling his catherization at our next appointment on the 12th of January; which will determine our course of action for his surgery. They'll be able to see exactly what the arteries and veins are doing and figure out what they need to do to correct his heart.
 The last few nights he's been so excited for Christmas that he doesn't want to sleep at night or during the day.  Right now he's half asleep half awake looking at me with a goofy smile.
We are trying to lay low to keep him away from germs, he's not allowed to get sick.

It snowed alot here in Lansdale. We got about 8 or 9 inches of snow. The great thing about living on a small road in town is everyone comes out and shovels together and helps dig out each others cars. I think we are the last road to get plowed so it always looks like the roads are a complete disaster up until you get off of our street.

I had some vacation time saved up for when Owen was born but, I got laid off then. I'm taking off the week between Christmas and New Years. Woowhoo!