Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This blog post is long overdue...  I really wish I could get better at blogging.  Every now and then I think I should blog about this or that, but never do! 

What have I been up to?

I am primarily keeping busy with house work and projects around here.  It is amazing how the days fly by and I keep busy even without little Owen to consume a majority of my time.   

I am working one day every other week for only about 5 hours a day cleaning and doing projects, for a little extra spending money. 

My In-Laws got me a new sewing machine so I have been spending alot of time sewing up different projects.  I finally started and finished Owens quilt that I was going to make for him before he was born and it never happened.  Now, he isn't here to use it.. 

What ever happened with the Reproductive Endocrinologist?

Two months ago Ian and I did a testing cycle.  It was mostly me that had a majority of the testing done.  They do ultrasounds, biopsy's, bloodwork, and more bloodwork and more bloodwork.  I felt like I was at the RE every other day getting some form of test of bloodwork done. 

What were the findings of all of the testing?

Ian is a carrier for cystic fibrosis.  Although, in order for cystic fibrosis to be passed on to a child both mom and dad have to be carriers and I am not a carrier.  My biopsy showed that I had Endometritis and that my body isn't completely immune to the Varicella Virus (Chicken Pox or Shingles) they wanted me to go for booster shots which then I wouldn't be allowed to get pregnant for 3 months because it could cause severe birth defects.  I chose not to get the Varicella Booster I would rather just stay away from anyone and everyone with any sort of rash or fever my entire pregnancy.  I had a repeat biopsy for the endometritis the following month and the form of treatment they had me on worked!!  The endometritis is gone!!  I was so excited to get that phone call!!! 

Why did you go to the RE to begin with?

After, Owen died Ian and I decided we wanted more children and knowing that it took us a year and a half to get pregnant with Owen, I felt like I should see the RE to be sure there wasn't anything wrong that it had taken so long to get pregnant previously and to get on fertility drugs.  Also, the RE followed my pregnancy with Owen for the first 10 weeks and I wanted them aware of the fact that we wanted to try to have another baby as they will follow any future pregnancies for the first 10 weeks. 

Are you on any fertility drugs now?

I am not.  After, all of the testing it showed no reason for us to not be getting pregnant and they recommended trying without any drugs or medical interventions for a couple of months.  Although, they are more then willing to do whatever we want.  Be it fertility drugs or In-Vitro.  They will do anything in their power to see that we have another baby. 

Today Owen would be 11 months!!  Oh how the past 11 months FLEW by!!  He is missed dearly!!  I am planning on having some sort of first birthday bash on or around his first birthday. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update 3

The dr basically without saying it said its the medication causing everything. Sounds like good stuff. he is going to give him a pill to treat dizziness. He said to contact your dr to switch meds if symptoms still persist.  Oh what fun.


The dr came in and is ordering a brain scan just to make sure its all good up there. They dont seem to know whats going on. His blood pressure seems to be back to normal. Could just be the side effects from his medicine or his kidney failing. Thats a broad range...  we are still waiting for the labs to get back.


I got a call that my dad is in the er with low temp, low blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat. He is on high blood pressure medication so, that might have something to do with it. Im waiting for ashley to pick me up from work to go up to the er. Ill keep this thing posted as i hear stuff. Its very hard for me especially to deal with this. Its like living owens last days all over again. Please pray for him and us. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It came!! Actually, it came probably a week or two ago but, we are blog lazy. It hasn't been hung yet and is still on display on the dining room buffet table. That's where all our pictures sit until we find a place for them. I forgot to size down the picture to the right ratio before I sent it to them{you think they would make a note on their website about that} I guess it was close enough and they custom made it to a 16x24 just for us at no extra charge. Thanks Canvas People!

CHOP sent us a book today... It's a book of all the kids that have died there in 2009. Just to show us what they will be doing for us this year. Weird, I think. I guess you could use it as a prayer book to pray for each family that's lost a child but, it doesn't look easy to read. Atleast coming from our perspective. You put a picture of a child and then you have a whole page to write what you want to say about your child. It's atleast 300 pages long...

Has it gotten any easier? Nope, not one bit.