Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roof leak

We had a pretty nice surprise when we woke up this morning. There was water coming in through the bathroom door jam. We put a bucket down and thought at least its not the dry wall. Then the smoke detector went off which I knew meant there was water coming into the box. Pulled that down and put another bucket on the floor. Then we saw it coming down in the corner (see pic) to which I made the hole bigger to help drain the water faster but by then it was too late and water got down into the dining room bubbling out two seams about six feet both ways. Back up stairs another spackle seam bubbled out and leaked on the crib. Not fun! Not easy to fix either. Especially because it bubbled out on the wall. We'll have to repaint the whole wall so it matches and both ceilings. Needless to say we are getting this roof fixed this week.

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