Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It came!! Actually, it came probably a week or two ago but, we are blog lazy. It hasn't been hung yet and is still on display on the dining room buffet table. That's where all our pictures sit until we find a place for them. I forgot to size down the picture to the right ratio before I sent it to them{you think they would make a note on their website about that} I guess it was close enough and they custom made it to a 16x24 just for us at no extra charge. Thanks Canvas People!

CHOP sent us a book today... It's a book of all the kids that have died there in 2009. Just to show us what they will be doing for us this year. Weird, I think. I guess you could use it as a prayer book to pray for each family that's lost a child but, it doesn't look easy to read. Atleast coming from our perspective. You put a picture of a child and then you have a whole page to write what you want to say about your child. It's atleast 300 pages long...

Has it gotten any easier? Nope, not one bit.


  1. That is really a cool photo... I love it, that it's so big.

    We continue to think of you guys (seeing you on Sunday's - but not really getting to talk much) - you're on our hearts and minds a lot.

    Just wanted you to know that...

  2. Nope - I agree, it hasn't gotten any easier . . .
    Continuing to pray for you two, Ashley and Ian.
    I love you guys!