Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boy or Girl?! & One Year

Monday is our big ultrasound!!  I must admit I have had one anxiety attack about it about a week ago.  I was so afraid I would get stuck in a "rut" until the ultrasound.  I prayed that the Lord would take away my anxiety and He pulled me out of it quite quickly.  I think it helps that we are going to be finding out if Baby Sirianni #2 is a boy or girl.  With Owen we didn't find out until he was born.  I feel like it takes some of what could be complete anxiety about Monday's ultrasound and turns it to exitement.  I love seeing and hearing baby!  Most of all we are praying that baby looks perfect!  I know that baby's complete health will not be revealed to us until baby is born, but it also would be wonderful to hear that from what the doctors can see on baby that everything looks completely normal! Please, say a prayer for us on Monday that the Lord will continue to give us peace as we go for our ultrasound on Monday and then an echocardiogram on baby on Thursday.  Also, take a second and vote on our poll on the left side of the blog.  I personally have no clue what to think we are having.  I had three dreams the past three nights and every single dream we had a boy.  Although, like Ian said to me the week before that I was dreaming girl.  Please, don't hear me wrong I don't want to sound like all I care about is finding out the gender of this baby.  I am just excited to find out just like everyone else that chooses to find out the gender of their baby in utero!

One year ago today I sat in a hospital room with my wonderful husband and sweet baby Owen with knots in my stomach waiting for Owens liver biopsy results.  One year ago today we learned that Owen had biliary atresia almost the worst news you could get.  Ugh.. as I think of all of the emotions that flood your mind and heart when you have such a sick baby/child I think of all of the dear families that are currently walking through this themselves.  I could list about twenty blogs or facebook pages of those who are currently walking through such heartache either caring for their very sick child or have recently lost a sweet child.  Say a prayer for all the very sick children and their parents as they care for their babes.  Thank God for your healthy loved ones and for the days the Lord has blessed you with them! 

Looking forward to updating on Monday with good news!!!!


  1. How exciting! I miss all of that. I know what you mean though, even just thinking about getting pregnant again (I want to so bad!), I know that I'll be nervous with every ultrasound. I'm still undecided whether or not I would want to get an amniocentesis to see if this baby would have AGS or not...since it's not like I would abort the baby or love it any less if he/she did have it...but it would be nice to be prepared. I don't know. I guess it's one of those things that I'm just going to wait and see how I feel about it when the time comes. Can't wait to hear what you're having! :)