Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today Cole had a routine cardiology appointment and echocardiogram.  Dr. Natarajan was back from her medical leave and it was so nice to see her.  Overall it was a good appointment, although Coles pulmonary arteries are growing at a very slowwwww rate.  Cole will need to go in sometime in December for a heart catherization to get some better imaging of what exactly his pa's are doing and some possible ballooning of his pa's to help stimulate some more growth.  Cole his now up to 16lb 3oz and a little over 25 inches.  Stinker wouldn't let the nurse get his vital signs he screamed and cried and threw a phit when the blood pressure cuff was on his arm,  it wasn't even taking his pressure and the second the nurse took it off he started smiling and cooing.  haha...  Six months tomorrow and he knows what he likes and doesn't.  Cole has quite a few appointments coming up.  He has to get his synagis shot on Thursday and then next monday he has his follow-up ENT appointment and hearing test a pre op appointment before his heart cath and his heart cath.  Dr. Natarajan acted like it would be no longer then a 2 day hospital stay as long as there are no complications.  Depending on what they do he may be able to go home the same day!  Please, pray that Cole will stay healthy and that his heart cath will go perfectly without any complications.  Oh, and that his pulmonary arteries get the memo and GROW!

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  1. glad to hear an overall good appointment; we will continue to pray for p.a. growth. hugs all around!