Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ENT Appointment

Yesterday, I took Cole for an ENT appointment and he was supposed to have a hearing test, too.  Cole had fluid in both ears so the doctor wants to see him again in 2 months, although the next opening wasn't until April 20th.  Uhh....  Like 4 months..  Anyways, if the fluid doesn't resolove itself by his next appointment he will need to have tubes put in his ears.  They were unable to do a hearing test due to the fluid in both ears.  It was a super quick appointment!  YAY!!  We were able to go to the CHOP in Chalfont rather then having to drive to Philly.  It is always nice when we have an appointment close by and don't have to drive an hour there and back.  It doesn't take up the entire day! 

We still haven't heard from CHOP regarding Coles heart cath.  When we have a date on the calendar we will let you all know. 

Thanks for your continued prayers for out little/big guy!

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