Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update from Friday's Appointments

Everything went well for the most part on Friday at CHOP.  The only concern is that the baby is measuring small 4lbs. currently.  I have to go back weekly now until the baby is born.  If the baby continues to measure small they will have to take the baby early. 

We will have one more echo before the baby is born at 38 weeks if we make it that far!  Everything continues to look the same.

We met with the surgeon that will be doing the baby's surgery.  His name is Dr. Peter Gruber.  He has been a heart surgeon for 12 years!  He was great and very encouraging I thought.  There is now a possibility that the baby might be coming home until it is necessary to do the surgery.  We will not know that until the baby is born though.  When the baby is born they will put it on prostaglanden and do all of the testing on the baby the same day it is born.  The surgeon acted like we would know within the first 2 days what the plan is.  To do surgery immediately or wait until the baby needs the surgery in the near future.  I asked the surgeon if the baby needs to be a certain weight for them to do surgery and he said "no"  he has done heart surgery on babies as small as a 1/2 lb.  It is amazing what they can do!  They prefer to do surgery on babies that are full term, but if the baby would be born early and need surgery immediately they can do it! 

Please, be praying that the baby will continue to grow the way it should be and that we can get to 37 weeks.  That is only 18 more days! 

~ Ashley

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