Friday, April 15, 2011

33 Weeks

On Monday was my last appointment with my Midwife.  My care has officially been transferred to CHOP.  That means we are getting close to meeting this little one!!  Everything is looking good.  I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable.  My sciatic nerve has been giving me alot of pain every once in awhile.  The pain comes and goes.  When it flares up I can't even move.  On Monday at my appointment the midwife said the baby is not head down.  Hopefully baby decides to move into the correct position for birth!  It is hard to believe that baby is considered full term in a short 27 days!  My days have been flying by.  I have been keeping very busy and nesting like crazy.  The sunny warmer weather we have had the past two days have helped me keep motivated.  Every single drawer, cabinet, closet, rubbermaid bin is organized.  It feels so good to be going through everything and getting rid of stuff and just having a super organized house.  Although, if you know me I am always like this.  It's not just because I am nesting it is the normal me on overdrive.  haha!  I am getting anxious for next weeks appointment at CHOP to see how big baby is.  I feel like the baby is deffinately growing as am I.  Most of my clothes are getting a bit tight.  I hate to buy any new clothes this far in my pregnancy.  The next thing I need to work on is packing my hospital bag and a bag for the Ronald McDonald house.  I typed up a list and have been making a pile of things that I want to pack so it really shouldn't take long.  I just need to wash my summer clothes and figure out what I will be able to wear after baby is born. 

I got a letter and grieving book in the mail from the funeral home for Owen's soon (a little over a month) to be one year in heaven.  UGH!  Like I needed a reminder?!!?!  I just threw it in the trash.  I must say though that I am so blessed to have a little one growing in my tummy.  Although, it doesn't take the pain away one bit.  It just helps a LITTLE to take my mind off the fact that we have just about lived our lives for a year without our little man in our arms.  Not a day goes by that we don't miss Owen.

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