Saturday, April 30, 2011


Thank you everyone for praying.  We are home from the hospital.  I was having contractions every two minutes when we first got to the hospital and only dialated a finger tip.  My midwife said that is exactly what she wants to see at 35 weeks.  Baby's head is in a +1 position.  Meaning baby's head is like hanging out of me!!  Perhaps that is why I am still not feeling great.  I am having alot of lower back and abdominal pain and can hardly change positions. Which I am not conviced that is normal??!?!  Last time I felt like this I was in active labor with Owen.  I want to make it another week and a half then babe can come.  My midwife said I most likely over did it and that I really need to take it easy.  Me take it easy?!  Is that a joke....  haha...  Now that I am 35 weeks and was waiting until now to get everything done.  Oh, well the safe arrival of this babe is on the top of my priority list!!!   We will keep everyone updated as things happen around here.  I get nervous thinking about Ian going to work from now until babe comes.  Ian was out when I started getting the horrible pain and I couldn't get ahold of him or even get up off the couch.  Thankfully he happened to walk in the door about 5 minutes later.  The reason we went to Doylestown Hospital instead of CHOP was because Doylestown is a bit closer and my OB at CHOP wanted me to get to a hospital quickly.  Well, I'm off to go rest!!! 

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