Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our little gummy bear

Thank you for rejoicing with us in our sweet news!  The baby is due June, 2nd 2011 about a week after Owens "Glory" Day. 

Please, be praying on Monday, Nov 6th we have our first anatomy scan on the baby.  I have had ultrasounds weekly since I was 5 weeks and so far everything looks good.  Although, at the Reproductive Endocrinologists they don't really look much at the anatomy of the baby except for the obvious things.  We will have monthly anatomy ultrasounds and an echocardiogram whenever I feel like I can handle that.  They wanted to do an echo around 13 weeks, but we are just about there and I don't know if I want to go to CHOP quite yet... 

Tomorrow we will be attending a service at the church where Owen is buried.  They are having a service and luncheon in memory of all the sweet babies that have passed this past year.  It breaks my heart when we go to "visit" Owen and there is another baby there.  I think there are like 5 or more babies that have passed since Owen did.  SO SAD!!


  1. we have been, and will continue to uplift you, Ian and sweet Baby in prayer. in our own way Kev and I can relate with all the emotions this pregnancy brings. God will continue to carry you, each step of the way. we love you guys!

  2. We'll be thinking of you, too.

    I'm sure there is lots of emotions "running high"... right now.


  3. praying for you guys and little babe!

  4. Ashley and Ian,
    I just wanted to let you know that our Naomi prays for you guys every night. She also prays for your new little one that he will grow up to be a big strong man that will love God with all his heart. She is very faithful in praying that prayer. :)