Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring/Summer Babe

I need your help!!!  Did you have a baby in the summer?!  If so what did you wear on your little one?  I am just wondering what I should stock up on?  I'm not really a onesie mom...  I like to wear outfits on my little one..  Owen was a fall/winter baby so that was a no brainer as to what to wear on him.  Some have said that they wear long sleeves on their summer babies, which would make sense if you are indoors in the air conditioning.  I don't know!  I would love to know what you wore on your little one!


  1. This was hard for me to figure out with Emma (our first summer babe)!
    I often used layers ... I would put a short sleeve shirt on her, and then have a lightweight long sleeve (or jacket) over top that I could always take off. I would also do a dress/short sleeve with leggings (but that only works for a girl!)... but she didn't really wear any shorts (just lightweight pants or leggings). For bedtime she still wore a lightweight/cotton long sleeve with footies.
    Hope that helps!

  2. I have the same exact question! This is my first summer baby and I have no idea what to buy him. Especially here in Arizona where it's super hot outside but usually freezing in doors with the AC on. My mom told me since he he will be a newborn he should have some regular light weight full pjs to wear while at home. But I have bought onesies because if we are outside I'm sure that is all he can handle. I remember being at swim lessons last summer with my kids and there was a mom there with a newborn and that is all she had on. Best of luck! Just realized how close we are in our due dates. =)

  3. When I worked on Maternity at our local hospital... I would hear that question alot from other mom's. The nurses would always say as a rule of thumb. Wear one more layer then what your comfortable wearing.

    That sort of stuck with me. I always kept a recieving blanket with me and wrapped them (Caleb and Aubrey) in that as well.

  4. I agree with Bev - add an extra layer, and I too kept a blanket handy. Although I did onesies under outfits; for a while though it was more out of necessity b/c Zac was tiny and I had trouble finding stuff that fit him right so I wanted to make sure he had a good "base" layer.

  5. Austin was born at about the same time as your baby is due. We were told to keep the A/C no lower than 73. I always had a receiving blanket or two when we went out in case others had their A/C really cold (or for places like the grocery store) In the house he often wore light-weight cotton pants with a short sleeve shirt and a short sleeve onesie underneath. If I had him in shorts or short sleeves I usually then wrapped or covered him with a receiving blanket. There were times when we'd be somewhere outside in the heat, then I'd usually have a short sleeve onesie underneath a short sleeve/shorts outfit but if it was really hot he'd sweat with the double layers so I'd take the onesie off.