Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/18 CHOP Appointments

As many of you know we had a long day full of appointments yesterday at CHOP.  We had to be there at 7:30am and we left around 1:30 and were able to go to South Street afterwards and enjoy lunch and walk around since it was so beautiful out!!  What we found out is that the baby's heart has stayed the same since our last appointment.  They are still thinking babe will need to have it's open heart surgery as soon as it is born.  They also noted that the baby's liver is slightly enlarged and there is a cyst on one of the baby's kidneys.  With all that said they are 99% sure this baby has Alagilles Syndrome.  They will keep an eye on the liver and kidney to be sure nothing changes.  At this point there is really not much concern about either, but it does need to be monitored.  I had my transfer of care to CHOP.  They are a bit concerned about my post partum hemmoraging that occured after Owen was born so they want my coagulations checked along with my liver function to be sure there isn't anything funky there.  They just want to be sure they have blood products and such at the delivery of this babe incase I would have the same problem again.  The OB said that typically if you have post partum hemmoraging with one child you usually have it with consecutive children.  ENCOURAGING!!  NOT!!!  I told them I want them to avoid inducing me if possible.  They said they will let me hold out until I am 40 weeks then after that out comes the baby.  So this babe will be here in 103 days or less.

Thanks for your continued prayers for this babe, Ian and myself! 

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