Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glucose Test

On Monday I have my 28 week midwife appointment.  28 weeks!!!  I am offically in my third trimester.  How did we get here?  I know I am only technically only 27 weeks still, but this pregnancy is FLYING by and I am pretty sure I am the only one that thinks this.  I keep telling that baby that it needs to hang on until May 12th, then after that the baby can come whenever it wants.  Hopefully soon after so that they don't have to induce me.  That is the last thing I want!!!  On Monday I have my glucose test at my midwife they do things a bit differently.  I am not allowed to eat any sugar or fruit for 3 days prior to my blood draw and then eat 18 jelly beans one hour before they take the labs.  So needless to say I am ready for Monday to get here so I can eat sugar again. 

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