Saturday, February 25, 2012

The flight over here to the Philippines wasn't so bad. They constantly feed you and the movies they had playing were just barely interesting enough to watch. We didn't even start the books we brought along to read. We might of slept two of the twenty-two hour flight. We lucked out as our row of four seats only had three people sitting in them. Both our lay overs in Detroit and Japan were less than an hour long which was great. In Japan; Ashley was talking to a filippino woman who was worried Ashley wasn't going to be safe and was asking her all kinds of questions about where we were going and why on earth would you go to the philippines.
Our first stop on our way home from the airport is of course the 24 hour McDonalds. We got fries which tasted better then back home. I'd like go to back sometime this week and get some rice and fried chicken.  We went to bed around three am and got up around 7 to meet Lori Ann. She is the executive director of Lambat and is the one that I am teaching photography to. We went out and did some sight seeing touristy things after going over photography basics.

Today we went and visited the kids bible classes. They teach a 10 and under class that meets in somebodies driveway and they feed the kids, too. To some of the kids this maybe the only meal they eat for the day. While the kids were still in class we left and went and visited the riverside, which is where they live... in shoddy, make shift huts down an embankment next to the river. They also do one on one bible studies with the parents in their homes. We will upload pictures when we get back to the states. It took over a half hour just to upload the one of the volcano above.
Tomorrow night we will be going to a bamboo festival

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  1. Wish I was with you over there. Can't wait to see pictures. I have a good friend from the Philippines who we met in Montenegro ..who is working there so I have a special interest in that country. Blessings to you both !!