Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We've been pretty busy over here in the Philippines. We are usually up around 6am and are getting ready to go out to various ministries in the morning. On Monday we visited the women's group that they call the "Deborahs." Today we visited the Men's group called "Barnabas." These small groups of people are the future of the ministry. The goal at Lambat is to train and equip leaders for the communities to preach the gospel. In the afternoons we've been doing alot of tourist-e things. We went into old Manilla and experienced the craziness that is the capital city. The ministry we were planning on going to tomorrow is being discontinued so instead we are going hiking on the Taal Volcano. I've been shooting between 500-1000 photos a day and I'm pretty busy in trying to keep my head above editing them all. The Philippines is super Americanized and their malls are unbelievably huge with about 15 {no lie} workers per department of the store. You're constantly followed by a worker and they're super friendly. We'll probably write out each day with pictures when we get home.

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