Thursday, February 2, 2012

Missions Trip

We have been invited by Lambat Ministries to go to the Philippines from February 22-March 5th.
We will be photographing different aspects of their ministry, for use on a new website, for promo shots, publications, etc. We will also be giving the executive director a crash course in photography with the purpose of her being able to keep updating things as time goes on. We both are really excited about this opportunity. The 23 hour flight...not so much.
Below is a summary of Lambat Ministries:

We (Lambat), teach, train and equip pastors and teachers there with
free teaching/training seminars and free Biblically based materials to
participating churches. We reach about 15,000 or so people. It's
huge. It's expanded so much that our materials are now getting into
public schools and local governments cause there's no separation of
church and state there.
We have materials from pre-K through 12 grade. We have courses
specifically for pastors and teachers. And for pastors, seminary type
We promote Bible clubs,which are weekly, or twice a week 'sunday school' type things in the

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