Thursday, February 4, 2010

biliary atresia

Over the past couple of nights; Owen has wanted to hangout for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning. It's been great fun for us and our neighbors as well, I'm sure.
 We had a checkup today with Dr. Flake. He said everything looks promising for the success of the surgery but, we won't know for sure for a few more weeks. He explained that the bile ducts on the liver are so small that they can't see if they are blocked. The Kasai Operation will determine if they are blocked or not. If they are then, Owen would need a liver transplant. They can determine if it's blocked by his bilirubin levels in his blood. They took blood work today but,  Dr. Flake is not expecting them to be signficantly lower.
 We asked him to explain to us exactly what he did. When we talked to him last we didn't really care what he did, we were just concerned if Owen was alright. He drew us a diagram of everything he did and explained it in great detail. He said they removed the gall bladder as standard procedure. I'm glad he told us that. I think that's something we ought to know. We're hoping we won't have to see him again because, that would mean the surgery was a success!
 We had to go down a floor to get Owen's blood drawn to check his bilirubin levels and as soon as he smelled the rubbing alcohol he started screaming to high heaven. He knows when he smells that smell pain is sure to follow.
 Anna went home today. My parents took them a meal and said that she's running around and playing on the computer like nothing even happened.

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