Friday, February 26, 2010

We had our first appointment with Dr. Loomes & Dr. Menard-Katcher today. We sat at a dead stop for a half hour on 309 while they plowed it. We left an hour early because of the snow and we made it right on time.  No one else seemed to be on time because we had to wait quite a while for the Dr. That's alright though because we had alot of paperwork to fill out for the research study and since it was our "first time" at GI; we had to fill out alot of stuff for them too. Dr. Loomes said there is evidence that supports Alagilles Syndrome and they want to do some gene testing {which we thought we already had done} to see if they can find anything. Apparently one of the geneticists at CHOP discovered the AGS gene mutation and since Owen is such a unique case; they want him to look at everything and get his opinion. We're thinking they don't really know what they're seeing because it looks to be both BA and AGS which seems like no one has ever heard of. I tried googling it and couldn't find anything on both of them linked together. We should get his bloodwork results back sometime next week but, they're not expecting much change since he is still so yellow. They said with AGS it could take months for the yellowness to go away and that complicates saying if the Kasai was a success or not. So we will be going down there for follow ups once a month on top of going down for cardiology. They can't seem to get their schedules in line with each other.
Owen is a whopping 10 pounds 12.5 ounces and 22.75 inches long and is wearing 3-6 months clothing.
  I heard a rumor on Thursday that Owen was getting his catherization done that day. That is not true. He will be going in for a heart catherization within the next month. Of course they want to have the best Dr. to do it and all that jazz. I think they just tell you everyone's the best so you feel better.
 I was able to buy a point and shoot for Ashley with our rewards points on our credit card. It's super small and perfect for putting in your pocket or keeping in the diaper bag. It's supposedly one of the fastest point and shoots on the market. It was between this one or another Panasonic but, this one was alot smaller and cheaper. You'll also see Ashley's new baby carrier. Owen would over heat in all the other ones and he couldn't look around which as you can see he loves to do.

That's just a couple of the pictures we've taken with it so far. We like it. It has face recognition on it. If we take a picture of Owen it will tell us how old he is in the picture. It also has video and you can record your sound over a picture.
We've been staying pretty incognito the past two weeks and probably will stay that way for a while. There seems to be alot of sickness going around and we can't risk getting sick. Owen has to go to CHOP if he has a fever above 100. Which we don't need any unplanned trips there. We are there enough.
Ashley hasn't been too impressed with our pediactrician so the last time she was there; she was scheduling her next appointment before she went back to see the Dr. and asked to see a different Dr. next time. So they went back and the Dr. came and and said, "So I hear you want to see another Dr. next visit, any reason why?" Obviously a very awkward situation calmly averted by Ashley. "No... just like to try different Doctors..."

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  1. He is sooooooo adorable! I love your new baby carrier. He is so cute looking at the camera! Remember Ashley you were always small, petite and adorable when you were little! Love ya,