Sunday, February 14, 2010

Owen like's to put stuff in his mouth now. We figured we should let him brush his gums then!
For our anniversary we went to "Salsas" in the mall. It's a really good mexican restaraunt and the staff is very nice there. We actually ate dinner and went and walked around the mall and did some shopping and came back for dessert. They gave us really funny looks when they saw us coming back in. We then went to Homegoods and Ashley got new pillows for our couches. We had alot of fun.

Of course Owen wanted to stay up and hang out all night. I think he did go to bed around midnight.

Here's Owen checking out the four feet of snow on either side of our walk.

This is the picture Ashley used on the Valentines she gave out to the family. She cut his face out and glued it in a cupcake wrapper, then taped that to a stick and stuck heart leaves to it; creating a flower.


  1. Ian, Thanks for sharing pictures of that little cutie!! (wise guy - he must take after his father) Sticking his tongue out - is making silly faces for the camera already - yep, just like his dad! And then, that serious, no smile look - yep, just like his dad! Wow! Only 3 1/2 mos old and he is already acting like you when it comes to getting his picture taken!
    I still love him - and you!! He's still cute . .. and he's still my grandson!! awww . . . the cute bud!!!
    Tell Ashley I love her too!!
    Big Hugs to you all!