Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well we got about 12" of snow today. I came out to find my neighbor did my sidewalk and our other neighbors sidewalk which, I usually do. It's always good fun shoveling snow with all my neighbors. I guess if I were good at this, I'd have a picture of all of us shoveling. Maybe next time...
The snow drifted up over our window upstairs. That's probably about 18'' deep of snow. Our house should be extra warm for the next couple of days with all the snow on the roof.  

Anyway, here our a few pictures of Owen enjoying the snow...inside the house. He loves staring out the door at the snow and he really liked it when Pedro came to plow the alley and had the flashing light on the top of the truck going around.

That's Owen's scar from his Kasai. The Dr said it's healing really well. I'm sure Owen will be real proud of his scars when he's older.We're allowed to give him baths again too! He still loves his baths!  He has been sleeping a whole lot better the last couple of days. Two nights ago he only got up once before 6:30am and we put him to bed around 9:30pm.

He discovered his feet yesterday. That's fun to watch. He just sits, stares at them, wiggles his feet and then smiles. He loves his bear blanket. We can't seem to keep it out of his mouth.                                             
We started an ING savings account for Owen too. It took me forever to figure out how to setup a second account. It took all about two seconds once I figured it out. You have to go into your account and setup a new account then just give it a nickname. Ours is "Owen."  I kept trying to setup a joint account and it always took me in circles. That seems to be for people who already have accounts that want to start a shared one.  We put all the money he got for his dedication and showers in it and will put money in it monthly for him in the future. Thanks to everyone who gave him the gifts. I'm not sure when we'll give it to him. Maybe 30?

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