Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unexpected Visit To CHOP

We got a call tonight around 5:30 pm tonight about Owen's blood test. His bilirubin is elevated and vitamin D and K are really down.  They said his samples look clotted so it might just be a bad sample. But his eyes are more on the yellow side again and we were expecting his bilirubin to be the same or worse. We will be getting an ultrasound done of his liver to see if his ducts are blocked and hopefully they can tell us if his Kasai did anything. He has been throwing up atleast once a day for the past week. They are going to test him to see if it's a bug or something related to his liver. Another possibility is that his acid reflux is getting worse. Which might explain why he never sleeps for very long, always likes to sit up, and is cranky sometimes? We're hoping to get more answers tomorrow and not more questions! We would really like to have some closure on what his official diagnosis of his liver is too.  Owen is still generally a happy little camper. I think today is the first time I came home from work and he smiled without me having to instigate him.
I had a crazy week at work so I'm able to take of tomorrow and still have some overtime. I also have a super understanding boss who I can call at 6 pm and say I can't come into work tomorrow and get an "Ok, we'll be praying for you." Instead of getting a hard time. God really does work everything out.
 I've added a link for AGS on the sidebar if anyone would like to know more about it.
We'll keep keeping you posted and hopefully it won't be from a bedside at CHOP.

                                               - We don't blame God. We thank God.


  1. hi guys, we'll continue to pray. we miss you!

  2. I like that on the end. Great testimony!! We'll be praying, too. Hang in there.