Friday, May 20, 2011

38 Week CHOP appointment

Today, we had appointments at CHOP.  Our last fetal echocardiogram, followed by a growth scan & OB appointment.  The echo was fairly quick probably because it was hard for them to get good images.  As the baby gets bigger it gets harder for them to see much of the baby's heart.  The chick that did the echo was jamming the wand into my stomach so hard.  It felt like the baby's bones were going to come through my skin and then of course the baby was trying to get away from her and was going under my hips and up into my ribs.  Ouchie baby!!  The cardiologist (a different one from last time) again said they are going to be sticking with their plan of just monitoring the babe for the first couple days of life and be sure the baby is able to keep it's oxygen saturation levels up without becoming "blue."  As far as testing done on baby after baby is born is still to be determined.  It might just be an echocardiogram, but it could be 1 or more of 3 other tests that could be run that would require the baby to go under anesthesia.  We were unable to see Dr. Natarajan again this time she was in the CICU today and it is difficult to get away when there are so many sick baby's that need your attention.  Two out of the three different caridologists we have seen this pregnancy have acted like baby will likely come home and then go back when he/she is a couple weeks to a couple months old for it's heart surgery.

About the growth scan.  Baby's growth is great!!!  Baby is weighing about 7lbs.  Grow baby grow!!!  I was very thrilled when I heard this.  I could tell you baby was growing because my body sure is feeling it.  There have been days that no matter what position I am in my lower back would be killing me.  We also got to see some of our little love in 3D.  Little one kept it's hands up in it's face making it hard to get a full face shot, but I love ANY pictures of our babe.  I'm not sure if you can make the picture out or not, but it is the baby's sweet chubby cheeks, nose and chin.  The baby has it's hand covering the rest of it's face.  Silly little one.  So sweet!!  I can't wait to love on this babe!!!! 

As far as my OB appointment...  So much to say!!  I am currently 2cm dialated, 70% effaced, my cervix is super soft and very thin.  The midwife again said the baby's head is so low she acted like it is quite rare for a baby's head to be so low when not in labor.  She said my labor will most likely go very quickly and be easy.  They keep reiterating that as soon as I think I may be in labor to get to CHOP and not mess around at home.  My blood pressure was high again today, but there isn't too much concern.  The labs for my liver that they had me get done last week came back perfect.  Aaaa music to my ears.  haha!!  Have I ever said how I love the OB's and midwives at CHOP???  They are great!  They take time to listen to your questions and concerns and never make you feel stupid with anything you ask.  Our next appointment is next Wednesday, May 25th and if baby hasn't arrived by May 31st I will be going in for an induction at 7:30am for them to induce me.  In 11 days - almost 10 days we will be meeting our babe!!!  Although, if I continue feeling like I am I wouldn't be surprised if babe came on it's own before that.  I have been so tired lately.  I am not sure if it is because I am at the end of my pregnancy or because of this lovely rainy dreary weather.  I am sure it is probably the two combined.  I also have started to swell a bit in my right foot.  The midwife said that is because your placenta lies on your right side.  I was hoping to get away without swelling this time.  With Owen I swelled so bad it hurt like crazy.  I am thankful it isn't NEAR as bad as it was with Owen. 

I know there are many people that are concerned that they won't hear when I am in labor.  We will keep everyone updated through the blog and facebook. 

Oh, one minor detail I forgot to add.  As we were on our way to CHOP this morning sitting at a red light we got rear ended.  I just laughed.  Ian and I just looked at each other wondering what the heck just happened.  Ian thought our car stalled.  Oh boy so funny.  So, Ian pulled over and got out and there wasn't any damage so we just went on our way. 


  1. We'll be thinking of you over the next several days... more then we have. It's a comin'...ready or not, eh?


  2. rear-ended? - oh my word! - sheesh, never a dull moment. glad it was nothing. and super thrilled for you and the good reports!!! love you guys!