Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13 CHOP Appointment

This morning I had another midwife appointment at CHOP.  I will be going now every Friday until babe decides to make it's grand appearance.  They are a little concerned about me developing preclampsia since my blood pressure keeps trending upwards more and more every Friday when I have appointments.  Today they had me get bloodwork to check my liver again just to be on the safe side (apparently liver function has something to do with preclampsia).  I am assuming everything looked fine because I didn't hear anything and they get bloodwork results within 2-3 hours at CHOP.  I had a different OB today and she brought up an induction.  I politely told her I would rather not be induced unless there is a reason that would put either baby or myself at risk.  I was only 1 1/2 cm dialated although now my cervix is very soft and as you already know the baby's head is super low.  They keep seeming to think that I can go at any time with the baby putting so much pressure on my cervix.  We shall see when babe decides to come!!! 

The other day when I was at the mall some lady said to me "You are so big you must be having twins"  haha!!  I said "No, but just about full-term" she wouldn't listen to me she kept insisting that I am having twins.  Then today the midwife said to me "Wow you must not have gained much weight you are all baby."  Then, after she weighed me she said I lost weight since my last appointment and was like "Are you eating enough"  Oh geeze if only she knew.  I certainly eat enough and I have certainly put on enough...  more then enough weight this pregnancy. 

Tonight we went to my parents for dinner and a camp fire I said "Most likely next time we come we will have a baby with us."  Crazy to think!!!  I indulged in roasted marshmallows and A s'more I could have eaten like 10 s'mores.  Oh Yum!!!!  Baby sure did enjoy it too!!!  I wonder if this babe will have a sweet tooth like its momma. 

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