Monday, April 5, 2010

In the City...

Owen had his pre-cath visit this afternoon. He had to get bloodwork drawn and a chest Xray.
They didn't check for vitamin K in his labs so, Ashley said something and the Dr. kind of just shrugged it off but, then she went and looked at Owen's file and realized she was right.{duh} So he had to get restuck  to get his vitamin levels which made him not too happy. She just called and said his levels are at 1.9 and they like them at 1.5 so, he's going to have to get a shot tomorrow morning before he goes in for the cath.  If the surgeon goes in and sees that he needs any balooning or stents done to his veins he'll do it. Which means his procedure could be 2 hours or 6 hours. We have to be there at 9am and Owen can't eat after 7am.
We saw Dr. Loomes while we were walking back to phlebotomy for the second time, she said she would check up on his levels.
 Owen King of the King bed.

   The Ronald Mcdonald House was booked up so, we got a hotel for the night at the Sheraton. They have a discounted rate for Ronald Mcdonald families. We asked for a refridge and it was a 25$ charge. There is a 42" LG TV and a desktop PC for free but, 25$ for a mini fridge? Highway robbery. We decided we can just ice his medications!
This just in while I was typing...
CHOP called and want Owen admitted tonight to get his Vitamin levels under control. Looks like I'll be ruffing it at the Sheraton alone...


  1. Praying for you guys and Owen tonight and tomorrow!! Wondered if they were going ahead. Thank you so much for being faithful to update!!

  2. Awww, he's so cute on that big bed! We are praying for him and you guys as well.

  3. we're praying! Hope Ash and Owen can sleep well tonight; I have no doubt that Ian will sleep just fine. :) little "Tiger Butt" is simply too cute on the king bed - good photo idea!

  4. It was so good to see you all on Sunday...

    thinking of you this week and especially ~ today!!!