Friday, April 23, 2010

We had an appointment with GI today. It wasn't the best of appointments. It was the first time they acted like Owen's liver isn't doing so well. I guess because his vitamin levels are so low. Which they don't have bloodwork since we got discharged last month so, hopefully the bloodwork they got today will show some improvement? The past couple of days he's been looking less yellow to us and that may be a good sign. In preparing for the worst {liver transplant} our cardiologist came in and talked to us. She said they don't think Owen is ready for a full repair of his heart but, to get his oxygen levels better they want to put a shunt in on his Aorta to his lung to help grow his pulmonary arteries. GI said that maybe the extra oxygen will help his liver function better. It's a shot in the dark but, so is Owen. Since Owen's vitamin D levels are so low{as of last month} they're worried about fracture with his ribcage when they go in to do the surgery. We will be scheduling his surgery next week and it should be within the next two months. Our cardiologist said she talked to the leading cardiologist at SIC in Toronto for a second opinion and he thinks it's the right plan for Owen. 
Phlebotomy was a nightmare. Right before they got the last vile of blood, the needle fell out. So they stuck Owen again and couldn't get anything, then again, and then again. Ashley was quite upset and expressed it and told them that's enough! This is on top of the vitamin K shot we gave him a half hour earlier.
 I'm going back to work on Monday which is perfect timing because I don't have anything to do next week.

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  1. Thanks for the update ... praying for you guys and Owen!