Saturday, April 17, 2010

Owen had his first day in the big city this past week. My cousin is moving his business to a new location in Manhattan. They were having a hard time getting an electrician so they called me to do a few things. Home Depot in Manhattan is quite the different! The lumber section was about 15 feet long.You can check out some of his amazing cakes at Mark Joseph Cakes Anyways I dropped Ashley and Owen off at a friends house in Brooklyn where they spent the day. Owen did really good on his first long car ride. He woke up right before a rest stop which was perfect so he could nurse. He slept the whole way home!                                             
                                                Here is Owen at his first NY dining experience

We got a call from CHOP yesterday and they said we didn't have to give him his vitamin K shot today! We're not sure why {they left a message} I think the last blood test he got might have shown his levels normal because it was right after he was given blood from his Cath.

Should we get this toy for Owen or should we hold out for a gas powered one?

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