Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just got our 1 o clock update. They're inside and taking pictures. No interventions yet. They're still just poking around.
We met with the surgeon beforehand. He is really really tall and he's got farmers hands. I'm not sure how the heck he works on little babies. Is it me or our surgeons some of the most boring people to talk to in the world? I guess their career is pretty sobering.
Last night we walked from the hotel to the hospital. They wanted us here ASAP!!! When we got to CHOP our room wasn't ready for us. They said it wouldn't be ready for an hour. Just then our friends called and said they were almost here so, we decided to go back out practically walk back to the hotel and eat at the Marathon Grille. When we finally did get into our room there was another baby in it who is sick. I'm not sure if he had RSV or what but, they had to wear masks and gowns. The nurse said he was supposed to be out of the room by the time we got there. They had three hours to get his room all ready! That was fun. Then they didn't have any of Owen's medications ready to give him and he never did get them. That means he has missed 2 doses so far. Ashley said the nurse came in and woke him up everytime to do his vitals and then woke him up at 4:45 to nurse so that he'd be NPO by 5:30. The past times they always woke him at the time he is supposed to be NPO because they know that nothing goes on time here. They really need to work on that. There is no reason why babies and kids should be NPO longer then they're supposed to be. Especially 4 hours longer.

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