Thursday, April 1, 2010

Owen vitamin levels are way down. His body isn't absorbing them like it should be. He is supposed to get a shot of vitamin K on Friday but, we are still waiting to hear back on where to get it done. Our pediatrician won't do it because, we'd have to pick it up from CVS and she couldn't be sure it's sterile. Which is stupid, if we have to administer it and it's not sterile, we're going to end up at her anyway! If we don't get it done before Monday I doubt he will get his cath done. He would have too much bleeding without enough vitamin K.They also want him on 6MLs a day of vitamin E. We're still waiting to hear about getting shots of his other vitamins so he doesn't have to take them orally.
We've been watching a DVD CHOP made about AGS. It's five hours long with loads and loads of information. We're almost done disc 1.

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