Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Owen is back from his cath. Everything went well. They didn't need to do any interventions. The Dr. said he has two large collaterials and one fairly small one. GI and Cardiology are going to get together now and talk about what they saw and what should be the next move. They had to give him blood which we knew about ahead of time. The doctor said he is anemic and has really thin blood... We are waiting for him to wake up to feed him. He can't move his legs for 6 hours so the longer he sleeps the better. There is a slight possibility he'll be discharged tonight but, we know how that goes; we won't hold our breath.

Owen, Ash, and panda outside the hospital
Owen likes to suck on the hotpacks that they put on his arms before they put his IV in. {He also learned how to rip his leads off}
Owen sleeping off his procedure!


  1. What a little cutie! Thanks for the update! Praying!

  2. so thankful for God's mercy and Grace. Will be praying that things continue to go smoothly and the 3 of you are home ASAP!!!

    Aunt Amy

  3. yay Owen! yay God! we'll continue to pray for smooth recovery time and discharge. hugs to all!

  4. Thanks for all your updates! Keeping all of you in my prayers! Love seeing the pictures!