Saturday, March 6, 2010

GI came in to see Owen first thing this morning.  They do not let people sleep around here!!!  I guess that is why Owen sleeps so much better at night, because they keep him going all day.  The day starting at 6am.  GI said that Dr. Flake reviewed the images from Owen's ultrasound and everything from a surgical stand point looked fine.  He didn't feel like they needed to go back in his little tummy and redo anything.  PRAISE GOD!  GI also said they don't feel like steriods will be the trick for Owen.  Owen has been nothing like they have ever seen.  They are a little stumped so it seems.  They are thinking at this point that he has cholangitis.  They are treating it with antibiotics through his IV.  Owen is also on Vitamin K through his IV and many other meds orally.  He is pretty pleasant all things considered.  There is talk that he might have his catheterization done since he is already here and also an MRI on his heart.  They still feel like he is stable from a cardiac stand point but they would like to atleast have some imaging to be sure that they can continue to hold off on his heart surgery for now. 

Ian was going to be staying at the Ronald McDonald house tonight until Owen is discharged, but when I called to make sure they still had a room available they said that they didn't and that we don't qualify because we live too close.  I am not sure why this is just now coming about when we have stayed there multiple times before.  It is a bit frusterating.  We are hoping that Ian can either get a sleep room here or can stay with his friend that lives here in the city. 

I will let you know when we find out the results from his bloodwork this morning.  Just continue to pray that Owen's bilirubin levels will decline and that we can get out of here! 


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