Friday, March 5, 2010

Here To Stay...

So... Owen didn't cry at all when he got his blood drawn this morning. He was saving his breath for when he got his ultra sound. He cried for about an hour and twenty minutes straight with no blue spells! Which is great for someone with TOF, bad for everyone around.The preliminary results from his ultra sound showed everything looked ok. His bilirubin levels are way up so, that wanted to keep him hear to sort that problem out. Dr. Loomes said one of the problems could be that the ducts around where the Kasai was performed could be inflamed and causing a blockage of the ducts. Which would mean they would start him on steriods but, the surgeon doesn't want to jump to that conclusion too soon; so they started him on an antibiotic to see if it is an infection. Since his vitamin levels are way down they started to give him vitamin K through an IV. We should see results from the antibodies in about 48 hours. If that doensn't do the trick then I guess steriods are next? We are in the CCU on the CICU side. we got our own private room which is very nice. Ashley will be staying here tonight and I'll be going home to get some things in order before coming down to stay at the Ronald Mcdonald House.  We're glad they started him on antibodies so we aren't just sitting around here twiddling are thumbs waiting for Monday to come when we can do all the testings.
 Carly was our nurse when we came in. {She was the nurse that got us out in time for the wedding}
GI wanted to do a cath but Carly remembered from the last time we were here that she was unsuccessful three times. She just held a cup there for about 5 minutes until he peed. Worked great.
 Dr. Natarajan came in after her day was done in the echo lab to check up and see what was going on. She said, any testing for his heart has been put off for a while now thanks to this visit.  She also said she's trying to see if Owen's genetic testing ever came back. She said it could take a few weeks to a few months to get it. That will help us get another step into a diagnosis.
Since it's going to be nice this weekend I'm thinking about bringing my bike down to ride back and forth from the RMH to CHOP.
Please keep Owen in your prayers.


  1. We will... thanks for the update.

  2. We are praying for Owen and you... we trust we will continue to see God's mighty hand at work in this little guy's life. What a testimony he will have!