Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, Dr. Piccolli reviewed Owen's case and he isn't too concerned about his bilirubin levels are so high.  Apparently when you have a heart condition your kidneys do not function as well.  So, his body will take longer then your typical child with a liver disease to excrete bilirubin.  His liver function is excellent.  The only thing they are concerned about at this point is his high white blood cell count.  They are doing another urine culture and they are also going to be doing blood work tommorrow morning bright and early.  They are looking for a viral infection now.  They were looking for a bacterial infection.  If they can't find a source of viral infection they are going to want to do a liver biopsy.  You can pray that they can find a source of infection so that they don't have to do a biopsy.  The doctors said that they could possibly discharge Owen tommorrow, because it will take a few days to grow the cultures. 

Thanks for your continues prayers!


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