Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stumped-Tetralogy of Fallot

Have I said yet that Owen has the doctors totally stumped?  Owen's ultrasound showed no signs of any blood clots.  Everything looks great.  There is only one more doctor to review Owen's case, Dr. Piccoli.  He is supposedly the best doctor for Liver. Owen's liver functions are normal but his bilirubin levels and white blood count levels are high.  Also, from a clinical standpoint he is fine. He has had no fevers, his heart rate, blood pressure and temps have all been fine. Owen is not being consistent with either Biliary Atresia or Alagilles Syndrome.  At this point they are thinking that he might just need to be on the antibiotic for a little while longer.  There is talk of sending him home, but they really hate to send him home without a more defiinative diagnosis.  I don't know what to think of all of this?  Ian and I continue to be at peace with all that is going on. We certainly are not putting our trust in doctors and remain trusting God as He is the only one that knows what is going on with Owen's sweet little body. 

The nurses here are great.  Except for the ones that he had last night...  They kept waking Owen up which in return meant that I didn't get any sleep.  They wake him and quickly leave the room so that I have to take care of him.  NICE!!!  His IV in his foot is about to go bad....  It is red and looks irritated.  I am pushing for oral antibiotics.  Earlier today the GI dr. said that there are oral antibiotics that are just as effective as the IV antibiotics.  So, we remain here until we hear back on what Dr. Piccoli thinks of Owen's case.  We have mixed feelings about going home.  We are happy if we get to go home, but yet we would like to have more answers. 

All of the doctors on Owen's case will be getting together within the next couple of weeks for a big meeting to see what is the best way to care for Owen.  Surgeons, Cardiologists, GI docs and the Liver transplant team.  The biggest thing is when do they need to do the heart surgery??  IF he needs to have a liver transplant will that effect his heart if it is unrepaired?  All things that need to be discussed.  You can pray that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom on how to care for our little baby boy. 

As always I will keep you all informed as we have more information. 


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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Ash! We love you all and continue to bring you before the throne of grace in prayer.
    Aunt Amy