Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great News!!

We got wonderful news this evening!!!!  When we were visiting with Owen his surgeon came over and told us the results from the CT Scan!  After 4 cardiologists and his surgeon reviewed his ECHO and CT Scan they all agree that they think that the duct that they are keeping open on the Prostaglanden isn't infact what  they thought it was in utero!  They are going to stop the Prostaglanden and do another ECHO while the duct is closing or once it is closed (I am not sure which one.) If everything looks good as it is closing and once it is closed he will be coming home!!!  We will hopefully know the results within the next 2 days!  Pray that everything continues to look good and that he will eat well so we can get him home!  They are saying that he will need a full repair surgery sometime within the first year once he grows a bit!  We are praying that the Lord will completely heal his sweet little body and that he will never need surgery!! 

Our Sweet Little Guy!!


  1. Dean (aka Papa) wants to know how you can write this update without shorting out your laptop with tears?!!
    Praise God!! Jehovah-rapha (The Lord who heals!)
    Keeping all of you in my prayers!

  2. Ian and Ashley
    Congratulations to you on your beautiful baby boy!
    What wonderful news. The Lord has answered many prayers for little Owen. (I knew he would.)
    I will continue to pray for all of you.
    Ican't wait to meet my new little great-nephew.
    Love Aunt Eileen

  3. What great news!! Praise God! I'll keep praying. Oh, and I just LOVE that picture of Owen. Could he be any sweeter??

  4. I didn't believe that last post about him needing surgery today and was expecting to read this one this morning!!!! God is awesome!

  5. Amazing! Praise God. We are so happy for you and enjoying seeing God at work. Ed, Robin and girls.

  6. Praise the Lord!!! Praying for a quick homecoming!!