Thursday, October 22, 2009


If anyone has any questions for us about the delivery, the baby, CHOP, or whatever please post on a comment under this post and we will try to answer it.
       We are going to try to get some sleep now.


  1. I am soooo happy for you guys. He is adorable. How is Ashley feeling now? Is she getting her strenth back?

  2. She's doing ok. She lost ALOT of blood. The Dr said he's never seen that much blood before and she is the reason why you shouldn't do home births. She has to take iron pills for the next month before she's back to 100%. He checked her right before we were discharged and he said all her swelling went down and she should heal just fine.

  3. So, how is proud papa doing?

  4. Congratulations guys! Praise the Lord for your little Owen. Hope you can take him home soon. Ash I hope you're feeling better. Can you tell us what the baby weighed and measured? The people want to know!!! What time was he born? What color are his eyes (currently)? Now that we know the heart is fine, we can move on to the usual baby details! He's a cutie. Can't wait to meet him. ~Blackshears

  5. People want to see more pictures! Like one of mommy and baby, daddy and baby, grandparents!

  6. Dad's doing ok. I've been getting headaches every night we are there but, that's why God made IB Profin.
    We actually didn't know any of the "baby specs" til just recently. They whisked him off so fast to stabilize him the midwife forget to check if he was a boy or a girl; then they were concerned about stopping Ashleys' bleeding.
    Blueish eyes
    born at 2:38am {after one of the greatest bands of all time}
    18.3 inches
    5lbs 4oz

  7. CHOP was on level 3 security up until yesterday. Only the parents were allowed back into the CICU and CCU. Last night was the first time the grandparents were allowed back to see him and I think I only have pictures of my dad holding him.
    I think it's going to go back up to level 3 on Monday when appointments start up again.