Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time change

CHOP called today and they want me there at 5:30pm instead of 8pm!! 

Please, continue to pray for a safe delivery and that the baby will be stable when it is born so, we can spend a few minutes with it before they whisk the peanut away!!



  1. Heavenly Father, I know today that Ashley (and Ian)are probably feeling so many emotions charging through them. Rampet feelings of excitement, wonder and questions. All expectant parents feel these feelings...

    May there be "a quiet storm" within, today. May YOU bring peace this day - a place of refuge, for them. Regardless of the outcome of this delivery that they will sit in awe and amazement at your hand, your Sovereign hand, the one who has lead them, held them and who is STILL holding them.

    As they continue to prepare their hearts and home for this new little one about to enter their world, may they rejoice and be glad knowing and seeing your plan unfolding. Please, keep this a safe delivery and may there be healing - a quick recovery from the birthing process.

    In the practical, I ask that you give Ashley the chance to rest and relax today as she anticipates. Keep a song on her lips...and may her heart BE GLAD- because this is the day that you have made!!

    PS: We're excited to see this little peanut. too!

  2. Wow!!! We are praying for you guys. May you have peace and a sense of His presence as you walk through today.

  3. Praying, praying, praying!!! :)