Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Labor Day Two

The Cervadil they gave Ashley last night didn't do anything. The midwife check Ashleys' cervix and it's about the same size as last night.We both slept pretty good after watching some Phillies and Ultimate Cake Off.
Ashley just finished eating breakfast and showering. They are about to start Pitocin and her antibiotics for Group B Strep. They will have her on that most of the day and if that doesn't do anything then they'll let her rest and eat and put her back on Cervadil for the night.
 The midwife Karen, just started her shift of 24 hours and is determined for the baby to come out on her shift. We've had her at a bunch of our prior appointments.
The layout is pretty neat in the SDU. Each two rooms are separated by an exam room where they take the baby after it's born. There is a window in our room to look into the exam room so we can watch the baby. After all that's done and the baby is stabilized they'll bring the baby into our room and let us spend some time with the baby before it goes to the CICU. Pray that the Pitocin will kick in soon and won't be to terrible as we here it can be.

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