Friday, October 2, 2009

Update & A Bridal Shower

Everything looked great with baby today!! Praise God! They just checked the umbilical cord to make sure the baby is getting the proper nutrients and they checked the amniotic fluid. They will check the growth next week. Hopefully this little one packs on a pound or more come next Friday!! I am hoping for atleast another week and a half then anytime after that the baby can come!!

I am so thankful this week is over! Tonight was Brianna's Bridal Shower (my sister.) I spent this past week preparing for the shower and for baby just incase they wanted to induce me today! The shower was very nice and Bri was surprised!!! YAY! Now, I can relax until the peanut comes! I will update with pictures of the shower later!



  1. you did a great job with the shower!!!! So glad that the peanut is doing well! COntinuing to pray for you, Ian and the baby! ~~Aunt Amy

  2. Praying for you!
    Deanna Achilles