Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Happened Between 9:38 PM & 2:38 AM You Ask?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"At 7 o clock the midwife came in to check Ashleys' cervix and it only grew to 3 cm 60% effaced. Which is only one more cm then when she got checked in the morning. Her and the doctor came back in to talk about our options at this point. Take a break from the Pitocin, Break the water, or go back to Cervadil for the night. We decided to stay on the Pitocin even though she had her dinner sitting there waiting to be eaten. {You can't eat while on Pitocin} At about 8:15 the doctor checked her and she was almost 4 cm and her contractions were starting to get harder, this confirmed our Pitocin decision. The doctor is going to check her again at 10 to see if she dialated anymore. If she did then they aren't going to break the water, if she didn't then they are. They said they think we should have a baby by 1am but, how do they know that?"

The midwife came back and checked her at 10:30 or so and she was another centimeter dialated. Her contractions were getting pretty bad then so the nurse asked her if she wanted to try to the birthing ball. After about a minute of sitting on it she said she felt like the baby punched her; when she stood up we realized her water broke on her own. All this time we are watching, "Meet the Duggars" where their daughter in-law has the home birth. Ashleys' contractions got very intense at this point. After an hour we talked to the nurse about getting an epidural and we decided she should get it.  After the Anesthesiologist finished Ashley started to feel alot better, for about 15 minutes...
 "I just feel alot of pressure." The doctor came in again to check her dialation and he said, "You're fully dilated and I can feel the head. This is good news this is beautiful. I'll get the midwife." Everyones' beepers started going off and people started running in and out of our room. Ashley pushed for about  30 minutes. I had her foot in one hand my camera in the other.  Owens heart rate started to drop and he wasn't making anymore progress to our world, so they had to do an episiotomy and on top of that Ashley ripped inside too. That's when the blood just start gushing out like a waterfall. They quickly yanked him out, cut his cord and threw him {figure of speech} to another doctor to stablize him. It went so quickly the midwife forgot to check to see if he was a he.
  We both think everything is done and they're just going stitch Ashley back up. I went out to talk to the parents not knowing that the doctor has shoved both his hands up Ashley to try to stop the bleeding and yelled at the nurse to get a shot of something to clot the blood.  Ashley never looked so white.  There was blood everywhere! Like I said it was just gushing out. They were able to get it to stop and stitched  her back up. It would of been a million times worse if she hadn't gotten the Epidural. The nurse came in and gave us Owen to hold for a few minutes before the whisked him off to the NICU...

 We will be going back to CHOP on 11/03 to meet with our cardiologist for a checkup. The plan now is to do a catherezation in a few months in preparation for the surgery that he will have in the first year of his life.
The surgery will be to bring all the pulmonary arteries together and fill the hole between the two chambers of his hearts. They will also take care of his MAPCAs.
Owen did pass his hearing test and he doesn't have DiGeorge Syndrome!
The only thing now is he needs to start eating more and needs to put on some weight.  Babies with TOF have a hard time with that and Owen is no exception.


  1. Uhmmm! Wow- again, I say "take it easy" and continue to rest when the baby is resting/napping.

    We will continue to pray that little Owen will gain interest in eating (Eating you out-of-the-house-and-home!) and start putting some pounds.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. He doesn't have DiGeorge syndrome??!!! That is amazing! How sure were the doctors that he had that? Does he still have Tetralogy of Fallot, is it some other heart condition now or is the TOF just not as bad as they expected?
    We will now pray the he starts gaining weight quickly and Ashley can rest and recover.

  3. He still has TOF. They weren't sure if when the ductus that closes after birth closes that the blood would still get to where it's supposed to go. The CTSCAN confirmed that it would. Now they can wait a few months til his arteries and things grow bigger to do the repair. Not repairing would lead to big problems in a few years.
    They didn't know if he had DiGeorge Syndrome, it's commonly associated with TOF. We just didn't want to have an amnio done to find out.

  4. I somehow missed this post! I'm so happy that Owen passed his hearing test and doesn't have DiGeorge Syndrome! Praise God!