Sunday, October 25, 2009

Owen is Coming Home Tomorrow!

We talked to the nurse today and she said he's been eating like a champ. He went from drinking 20mls last night to 50mls today! He also passed his carseat test. He is alot more awake too. They even took his IV out of his hand. We do have to take CPR classes tomorrow before he is released and set up some follow up visits for his heart. Ashley is changing his diaper for the 2nd time as a Mommy as I type.
 Ashley has been having alot pain in the morning if you could continue to pray that she will heal quickly and that she won't over do it. {ha that'll be the day}


  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for Ashley to feel better soon. Thanking God for Owen's homecoming!

  2. I am so excited to hear the news... I missed the "update" at church this morning - I heard only parts of it, but heard enough to get a few "chills". This is so wonderful, and SO GOD to be this Sovereign. Isn't this great?

    Ashley, I know the struggle to let others do for you. It's hard. You feel good but your body is not ready. Please, listen and take your time. Rest. I know from experience. I don't know if you went natural or c-section (I didn't hear that part) and I don't know what natural births are like I only had c-sections, but still... Your body talks to you and you have to listen. I know, I know... I'll be praying for you and stop talking.

  3. yippeeee!!!
    (and Ash, I totally agree with Bev - take it EASY)

  4. Great news!!! I'm so happy for all of you! Keeping you in my prayers...