Sunday, June 5, 2011

10:55 pm

Today turned out pretty good. We were awake and ready for the breakfast that volunteers prepared for us at the RMH. We usually never make it for any of the meals; the dinners because we are at the hospital and the breakfasts’ because they’re usually too early when you’re on a hospital schedule.

Cole had a pretty good day as well.  He’s been eating in the 50ml range consistently, which is becoming more breast milk than formula. He gained weight.  He had a friend come and visit him. He passed his car seat test. His parents learned not to shake him uncontrollably when he’s upset and they got to watch the government mandated twenty minute video on SIDS.

 Cole got transferred down to the CCU and had the same nurse that Owen had the first time he was in the CCU. We saw allot of people from our time here with Owen. It’s good to know that he wasn’t forgotten by them and they still remember us. They were having trouble getting a good read on his oxygen saturation level when they switched monitors. So we put a few different sensors in a few different spots and it was still dipping down a little bit but, not much. Probably to where Owens’ highest was. So they brought in all the oxygen stuff just in case but, never used it. Hopefully they won’t need to use it tonight.  The doctor came in and did a good listen on him and didn’t think there was anything wrong. She is another one that knows us and Owen well. She seems to be up to snuff on the liver side of what we could be dealing with. She said, “The first thing I asked when I heard the blood levels were back was; where is the bili-rubin counts at!?” When we were leaving the nurse seemed to get a good read on his foot for his oxygen. It had to have just been the sensor.  They’re always finicky.

Hopefully our next post will be from our house. Where we can fatten Cole up for his surgery!

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