Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5:07 PM

Home sweet home. We finally got home around 3. Cole's been loving it as much as we do. They were still a little hesitant to send us home since he is not up to his birth weight yet. I don't remember Owen being anywhere near his birth weight when they sent us home. Isn't it a known fact that babies thrive better at home anyway? We do have to go to the pediatrician tomorrow and Friday plus, we'll have a cardiologist appointment next week and probably a GI appointment the week after that. We just have to make sure he is gaining weight and doesn't digress. He didn't pass his hearing test. The audiologist said it was probably because of electrical interference with the monitors and leads. She said to get him retested in 6-8 weeks. He can hear fine. We know this for a fact from less scientific methods. Glad to be home and thanks for the prayers.


  1. Doesn't it drive you nuts that doctors look at you like you're crazy when you suggest something or say no because you've been in the situation before? I know they are trying to help but at least listen! Why else to they get paid hundreds of thousands a year? to be jerks? seems like it sometimes! Glad you guys are home and doing well!
    Bryan MacNeill

  2. Hope home is treatin you and Cole well.