Friday, June 17, 2011

GI Today...

...And no blood work! They said Cole is looking great and didn't see a need to draw any labs today. I think at our next cardiology appointment in July they'll draw them just to be on the safe side. His color is normal, his stools are normal, his liver is normal size,and he gained two more ounces since Tuesday! His doctors are feeling pretty optimistic about him having any liver issues. They won't say he is out of the woods quite yet but, they're looking up.

CHOP finally got their own in house genetics lab to do DNA testing for the Jagged1 mutation {the alagille marker} and are able to get their results back way quicker than they could a year or two ago. With that being said Cole's genetic testing came back and he is positive for Alagilles Syndrome. Which we knew he had it's just confirmation. His Xray he got of his spine showed he didn't have the Butterfly vertebrae which is another marker for AGS. Doesn't really mean anything at all it's just something they look for. Plus the cost of the Xray... Cha-ching.

Cole will be getting weight checkups every week at the pediatrician just to make sure he's getting nice and fat for his surgery.

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