Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recap 6/2/2011

Well... he woke up! Not the way we wanted him to though. But before we talk about that let's talk about the results from the cath.
While Cole was in the cath lab; Ashley got discharged from the SDU and we went to get our room settled in at the Ronald Mcdonald House, got a quick bite to eat at Boston Market and headed back to see if Cole was out yet. He just got back to the CICU when we walked in. The cardiologist pulled us a side into a conference room to talk about the results. They were able to see the pulmonary arteries, how the blood was flowing, and the confluent arteries. The confluent arteries aren't mapped out the way they typically are in TET baby but, he said there is nothing wrong with the way they are. Besides the fact that the one is right over where they typically make the incision to repair the heart. Not a big deal just something that the surgeon needs to know about. Dr. Natarajan also reviewed his cath results and said that his heart looks better then they had originally thought!!  We will be scheduling the surgery before we are discharged to make sure we are in the surgeon that we wants schedule.{He's a very very busy man} Once Cole starts eating, gaining weight and GI gets the stuff they need. we should be discharged.  Unless tonights episode will push us back a little bit.

Ian was with Cole at his bedside and I had stepped away for a minute to use the bathroom.  While in the bathroom I heard the horrible alarm go off that said something along the lines of  "Emergency 6 south room 3."  When this alarm goes off all doctors around are to drop everything and run to the childs bedside.  I immediately thought to myself  "Is that Coles bed?!  Nooo!" so I just kept taking my good old time in the bathroom.  The alarm only went off for a very short time maybe 30 seconds.  So I knew whatever had happened to whatever child in the CICU they were okay otherwise they would leave the alarms on.   I went back to Cole's room to find many doctors standing around his bedside watching him and was greeted with the nurse telling me that Cole was not happy that I left his bedside.  So much that he decided he was going to hold his breath and his heart rate dropped.  They had to give him two puffs of forced oxygen to get him to breathe and his heart rate to come back up.  He was not happy by the time I got to the room.  He was breathing really hard and just trying to cry, but his poor throat was sore from the breathing tube they had in place for the heart cath.  His breathing was really heavy and he was retracting his chest a lot.  Just all together not right.  We kept watching him and trying to soothe him and every time he would get comfortable he would decide to hold his breath and his heart rate would drop pretty quickly, but we would stimulate him before he got to the point of setting all of his alarms off.  After, watching him for about a half hour or so continuing these episodes they decided to give him some tylenol, up his oxygen as a reminder for him to breathe & up his IV fluids.  He was then able to settle down and relax without his heart rate dropping and holding his breathe.  They think this is just him coming off of anesthesia and or the fact that he was in pain and was holding his breathe.  Poor thing.  They did an xray of his chest to make sure everything looked clear there and they also did bloodwork to make sure his oxygen levels looked good in his blood and all looked great.  Ian and I are/were quite frazzled.  Especially after, everything we went through with Owen.  It was certainly hard to leave our sweet Cole tonight at the hospital, but Cole is in the best hands of all.  GODS!!!


  1. AMEN, Ash!!! and what a mighty God we serve!!! Praying for continued peace for you and Ian. Love, Aunt Amy

  2. we love you dear friends! praying for peace, Cole's comfort, and restful sleep.

  3. oh my gosh! how scary! but what a testimony you and ian, owen and cole are to everyone around you! may the Lord be praised! i'm praying for all of you, ashley.