Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cole had his first cardiology appointment yesterday. His last with our favorite cardiologist for a few months. Boo... It went well. His SATS were normal and he is past his birth weight by an ounce! They couldn't get a blood pressure read anywhere on his little body. They tried every limb at least three times. I don't think she was putting it on tight enough, which must be why they wrap it so tight in the CICU. The nurse remembered us from being in there with the "yellow baby."
We weren't really sure what our cardiologist was doing taking a three month leave but, she did tell us and told us that she will most likely be dropping by during the surgery and to email her with his updates. She said she can't stay away that long from us and her other patients without peeping in from time to time. Which is good to know. We were pretty nervous about not having her around.  She picked up Cole and said, "OK, I'm taking him with me and leaving." She literally sat and held him for 10 or 15 minutes while we talked about whatever. How many doctors do that?
While she is out we are going to try to see a cardiologist that is in on Fridays so, we can coordinate our GI appointments on the same day.This is a good idea for obvious reasons...

We had back down to CHOP on Friday for our GI appointment and I'm sure Cole will need blood work drawn, hopefully nothing but good news from those folks.

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