Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We haven't really updated on what is going on with Cole's heart because we haven't known what is going on with Cole's heart. Last night they did an ECHO and couldn't see a few things,then did another one this afternoon and still couldn't see what they wanted. They are trying to see where everything is getting blood flow from and if indeed his ductus has closed. They started him on Prostaglandens to see if that will open it{the ductus} back up. They'll be doing another ECHO at midnight tonight to see if it worked. In a few days they'll be doing a heart cath to get solid evidence as to what the time frame for surgery will be and what all will need to be done. We're hoping they can squeeze us in for the cath before the end of the week or else that'll mean two days of sitting around.

I saw Owen's GI doctor this morning and she said the GI team was supposed to round on Cole today to see what kind of tests they would like to do. Possibly ultrasounds on his kidneys and liver. They never showed up. I told the nurse to make sure someone gets them up here. I remember how hard it was getting them up to come up and evaluate Owen... Her long term plan as of now is just to wait and watch for tell tale signs of AGS.

Our cardiologist informed us that she will be on leave from July-September, which is a bummer for us and we will be glad when she is back. I'm sure we'll be in touch with her keeping her up to speed with what is going on. In the meantime we will be seeing a cardiologist that we have met a few times that our Dr. highly recommends.

 Ashley will be discharged tomorrow and hopefully we will have a room at the Ronald Mcdonald House. She's doing wonderful and can't wait for Cole to come home

We have to do CPR classes again. Which is great since they changed it all around since the last time we took them. And we get to watch I'm sure the highest of quality videos on SIDS and shake the salt not the baby.

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