Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Full Day Home

We went to our first pediatrician appointment this morning. The doctor has actually heard and read about Alagille's Syndrome. I thought... "Wow, really? Are you lying to us?" Everything went pretty well there. He did say that Cole's right eye hangs out a little farther than the left. I had noticed this before but, no one else said anything so I figured it was just my imagination. He said it could correct itself but, it's the last thing we need to be thinking about right now.{seriously. Just like that silly hearing test}

While taking Cole for a tour of the local market Wal-Mart, we got a few phone calls from schedulers at CHOP. Confirming his cardiology appointment on Tuesday, another for GI next Friday, Silly hearing test in August, and his HEART SURGERY FOR AUGUST 5TH. Pray for Cole and everybody that we will have a hand in his surgery on August 5th.

Ashley is trying to breast feed Cole more than the bottle before our next appointment on Friday to see if he loses/gains weight to see if getting a scale at home to see that he is eating as much as he needs to be eating. We want him to gain as much weight as possible before his surgery. I know if he doesn't gain quickly they'll want him on high calorie formula.

By the way...
Cole was the bottom picture and Owen was the top!

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