Friday, July 22, 2011

7/22/11 Update

Overall Cole had a good day.  There was one time when he dropped his heart rate and dropped his oxygen saturation levels and they had to give him a few breaths, poor guy was in pain and just decided he wasn’t going to breathe.  They then gave him pain meds and the rest of his day was great.  He got his arterial line out, his chest tube and one of his ivs out today.  Although, his poor little belly is so distended from having to get so many breaths the last 2 days (he was holding his breath yesterday too when they took him off the ventilator immediately after surgery.)  With that being said he needs to get all that air out of his tummy and they would like for him to be wetting his diapers more.  He took one bottle of pedialyte this morning and then two bottles of breast milk this afternoon/evening.  He had a long awake period he was awake for about 5 hours and just so content.  He is just so sweet. 

I am staying with Ian at the Ronald McDonald house again tonight since Cole is still in intensive care.  They said they would transfer him to the step down unit this morning, but since he held his breath that one time today they figured it was best for him to just stay in the CICU.  

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