Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We had a ruff day and night. Cole barely slept and would constantly wake himself up. Be it stretching, burping, hiccups, coughing, and for no reason. Completely and utterly upset. Nothing helped. He would fall asleep for 15 minutes max and wake himself up. It wasn't until  4:30 pm that he finally fell asleep for two hours. He seems to be doing good now and hopefully will want to catch up on his sleep tonight. We went ahead and cancelled his pediatrician appointment tomorrow because he was so miserable. There was no possible way we'd be able to handle that.

We aren't allowed to lift his hands above his head or pick him up under his arms for 6 weeks, so his ribcage can heal. Which is just great. Is it child abuse to tie your kids arms down around his waist?  He's also on baby aspirin to prevent blood clots in his shunt. Do they let you keep the shunt when they take it out? That'd be good for the baby book wouldn't it?

I'm going back to work tomorrow. 

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